B45 Academy

xmass camp
A four-day camp with our B45 Academy Trainers to help get your softball/baseball skills to the next level!

Ages: 8-12

January 2nd- 5th 9:00-12:00 PM Everyday!

Available to all athletes, not just B45 Academy members ♥️💪🏼

Daily Camp Activities: ⤵️

Day 1: Master the Basics (Fielding Fundamentals)

Develop essential fielding skills
Enhance precision and agility
Speed and strength exercises included

Day 2: Advanced Techniques (Fielding Fundamentals)

Elevate your fielding game
Learn advanced techniques
Further, develop speed and strength

Day 3: Catching Clinic/Hitting

Elevate your catching skills
Master secure catching techniques
Speed and strength exercises included

Day 4: Hitting Home Runs Speed & Strength Boost

Supercharge your hitting skills
Discover the secrets to powerful hits
Speed and strength training incorporated

Level up your athleticism
Special drills for speed and strength
Enhance your overall performance