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Beginning in early January, B45 will be incorporating a velocity-focused throwing program. Participants of all ages will have the opportunity to learn the essentials of proper arm care, and receive instruction on how to increase throw power from any position on the field.

By participating in various drills and exercises led by our experienced training staff, players will further understand the fundamentals associated with developing the necessary skills to gain velocity. Those who take advantage of this program will not only have the chance to increase velocity, but will leave each session with new ways to train on his or her own time.

If you are interested in preparing yourself for that next step in your athletic career, click here to learn more.

Calling all softball players! We are thrilled to announce that we now offer private and group instruction led by one former and two current Division 1 softball players. Contact us today and take your softball training to the next level! 

Natalie Roe, B45 TRAINER

Our 30,000+ square foot facility includes eight hitting cages, four pitching lanes, four Iron Mikes. This facility is also equipped with 2,300 square feet for strength & conditioning and speed & agility, and two open field areas (66’x112’ and 60’x120’). The cages have a height of 21", perfect for slow pitch, and allows athletes to have a better vision of ball flight.

"Our goal is not to put everyone in the same box, but to adjust to each player and maximize their potential while teaching the fundamentals of the game."

- Pete Laforest, Founder

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